2017 Sea Training Week: Sept. 8-17th


*Advanced registration required*

Call (707) 329-0085 or email reservations@kayaktrinidad.com to book



Weekend 1: Foundations of Ocean Kayaking

Friday September 8th – Rolling ( 1 hour private instruction $75 10AM-3PM, Group Lesson $55 4-6pm ) Big Lagoon

Dynamic Paddler Saturday:

Saturday September 9th 9am – 1pm: Edging & Strokes: Big Lagoon $79

Saturday September 9th 2pm – 6pm: Linking & Blending Strokes and Bracing: Big Lagoon $79

Sunday September 10th 9am – 1pm: Safety & Rescues: Big Lagoon $79

Sunday September 10th 2pm – 6pm: Surf Zone Development: Trinidad $79

Weekdays: Private Coaching

Monday September 11th – Friday September 15th: Private Instruction $125 half day, $200 full day, $75 1 hour rolling lesson

Weekend 2: Surf Zone Skills

Saturday September 16th 9am – 1pm: Rock Garden 101 – White Water of the Sea: Trinidad $79

Saturday September 16th 2pm – 6pm: Short Boat Surfing: Trinidad $79

Sunday September 17th 9am – 1pm: Long Boat Surfing: Trinidad $79


Rolling – Private Lesson: Why exit the boat when you can right it?

Rolling – Group Lesson: 

Dynamic Paddler Saturday: On Saturday we will look at the underlying principles of the boat, body, blade to understand and develop our abilities to handle a variety of conditions with confidence. We will learn how to make our kayaks move as efficiently as possible and when to switch to make them as stable as possible, beginning with fundamentals, working our way up to the most advanced maneuvers. If you can’t do it on easy water then you can’t do it on hard water. Come challenge yourself to become a better paddler. (All skill levels will be challenged or your money back! – Chris)

Edging & Strokes: Boat-Body-Blade: The key to any good stroke is how you hold your edge. With edging we can  make our kayak more efficient or more stable. In this class we will dissect the underlying principles of all strokes and look at balance, body positioning, stability vs efficiency, and power transfer while developing practices on and off the water for long term success. It doesn’t matter what level you are paddling at or what water your paddling on, sea, surf ,whitewater, or lake, you will receive coaching to your specific craft/style/body. Everyone will walk away from this class with a deeper understanding and new skills to help them progress now and in the long term to be the best paddler they can be.

Linking & Blending Strokes & Bracing: Dynamic Paddling:  Knowing a stroke or two can get you from point A to B, but being able link or blend strokes or brace is critical to efficient and stable paddling in dynamic water. This is the ultimate boat control class. We will pull the veil back to learn how to control the boat with minimal effort and maximum outcome. Being able to handle your boat aptly in any conditions begins with this class. Hard moves on easy water is the key to skill building, no matter the conditions you intend to paddle in.

Rescues & Safety: What do you do when everything goes wrong? When you or someone in your group has a serious issue or is in the water, or you’re by yourself, how do you fix it? This class will cover a number of scenarios in which we will learn contact push/pull, contact tow, towing, assisted rescues and solo rescues. We will also cover how and when to signal for help and the different types of devices to do so with and why. Join us and start building your safety net, when you need to be rescued the first person there is always you, the best rescue is a self rescue!

Rock Garden 101: Whitewater kayaking is soooo much fun! We have our own version in the sea and we call it Rock Gardening, this class will introduce you to a new world few people get to see. We’ll go “rock gardening” which is looking for ‘features’ that we paddle over or close to as the swell comes through in order to maximize fun. We will learn how to identify said features, asses hazards, evaluate their risk level, set safety and then go or no go. This is one of the best ways to put all of the pieces together to become a dynamic paddler. Join us for an up close look at where the sea meets land and all the excitement it can deliver!

Private Half or Full Day: Private coaching session for introduction/development of skills or refinement.

Surf Zone Skills: The surf zone can be an intimidating place. We will demystify the ins and outs of the zone so you can access the ocean safely.  We will learn to read the surf, identify rips, long shore currents or what that water is doing and why. From there we will develop control of our selves in this environment by holding position, moving latterly/forward/backward using various edges and strokes, as well as what to do when it all goes wrong. The surf zone is one of the most dynamic places you can be. Challenging yourself in this environment will make you a more dynamic paddler. “Being able to maintain position in the surf and move with intention is where true skills and confidence develop.” -Chris Bensch

Short Boat Surfing: Kayaking in the surf can be fun, but knowing how to position yourself for a wave and catch the energy of the ocean is an exhilaration that escapes words. With the energy of the ocean, a shorter more maneuverable boat can be very rewarding. In this class we will look at etiquette, paddling out, positioning, take off, bottom turn, top turn and down wave progression, making sections, reform…etc. If the surf is really good we’ll cover cut backs, round houses, floaters, rio’s, and straight up airs too. Well start in the foam and then move to some green faces. Bring your whitewater kayak or surf kayak and learn to dissect the waves with precision!

Long Boat Surfing: Often referred to as the powder skiing of kayaking, long boat surfing can deliver smooth rides that seem to last forever, but like deep powder skiing it comes with its own set of challenges and advantages. We will develop our abilities to paddle out, position, take off, down wave progression and how to end it, as well as what to do when your breached and you need to get off the wave or change direction. Bring your sea kayaks and we’ll search out the most floaty smooth waves the area has to offer!



Big Lagoon: Meet at Big Lagoon County Park boat ramp ($5 day use/parking fee)



Trinidad: Meet at SeaScape Restaurant parking lot in Trinidad Harbor.



ABOUT CHRIS BENSCH: Chris has a strong passion for the outdoors and helping people access our beautiful world.  For the past 10 years he has been Instructor, Coach, and Guide at Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe, in Portland, Oregon. He is a BCU (British Canoe Union) and an ACA Whitewater Instructor, as well he holds a host of Outdoor Certifications, from varying organizations and schools such as San Diego State University and the Wilderness Education Association. Whether it be flat water, a raging river of whitewater, or a clean glassy wave on the coast, he is more than happy to share his passion and knowledge to help you get out there.