Paddleboard (SUP) Fitness Classes

About SUP Fitness Classes:

Utilizing Standup Paddleboards (SUPs) for fitness provides a low impact, fun core workout and improves balance and cardio conditioning. SUP Fitness Classes not only improve your physical conditioning, but our serene class environment on the water at Big Lagoon increases mental stimulation and relaxation. Our professionally trained and certified coaches utilize the best techniques available to ensure your session is safe, fun and beneficial.

  • SUP Fitness Classes with Annalisa Rush of Anchored in Trinidad
  • Advanced registration required
  • 8am to 10am Saturday & Sunday, 6pm-8pm Wednesdays at Big Lagoon
  • $69/person – all paddling gear included (paddle, PFD, board, anchor, paddle leash)
  • PRIVATE SESSION: $150/Person 1/2 day – $125/person for two or more
  • 3 Session Pass: $150 – 6 Session Pass: $250

*Included with your session:

  • Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Paddle
  • PFD w/whistle
  • Anchor kit
  • Paddleleash
  • Basic SUP skill & safety lesson
  • Paddle tour to/from class location
  • One hour fitness session

*We encourage guests to bring:

  • Synthetic or wool athletic/swim/yoga type clothing appropriate for cool temps (no cotton please)
  • Towel 
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Sunglasses w/retainer

Foundation Training:

$69 – 2hrs – Big Lagoon –  8am to 10am


Stand Up Paddling requires core strength, balance, proper form, upper body stamina, efficient movement, and lower body stability. Foundation Training is the optimal practice for quickly gaining these capacities and skills. Blending lower-body isometrics with expansive breath techniques and posterior muscle chain movements, participants stand taller, breathe fuller, feel joint/back pain relief and move better. “From Pain to Performance, It Just Feels Good. Discover your potential.”

Restorative Blend: Stretching/Yoga/Pilates:

$69 – 2hrs – Big Lagoon – 8am to 10am


Rejuvenate your soul to the sounds of nature and water as you let your body relax and release.  Gentle stretching, yoga postures and pilates will relieve stress and tension while toning core muscles to improve balance on the SUP.

Fitness Fusion:

$69 – 2hrs – Big Lagoon – 8am to 10am


Take your core strength to new levels on the water! Balancing on a board while doing cardio and strength training will break any fitness plateau. Our instructors mix up the waters with body weight exercises, fun cardio circuits, and Foundation Training and Pilates advanced movements for a challenging  workout.

SUP Foundation Packages: 

$150 – 3 Sessions or Progression of Classes

Save $57 off the individual class price when you purchase a three session package. Call 707-329-0085 to purchase.

$250 – 6 Sessions or Progression of Classes

Save 40% off the individual class price when you purchase a six session package. Call 707-329-0085 to purchase.

Private Coaching:

$150/person Half Day – $125/person for groups of two or more

$300/person Full Day – $250/person for groups of two or more

Call 707-329-0085 or email to set up your private session.

Busy Parent/Kayak Day Care Package: 

Add $50/child and we’ll take them paddling while you enjoy your SUP Fitness Class.

Call 707-329-0085 or email to schedule your SUP Fitness Class with our Busy Parent/Kayak Day Care Package.

About Your Coach:

Annalisa Rush:

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Certified Instructor of Foundation Training, Open Water Life Guard (ARC), Owner of Anchored In Trinidad

A resident of Humboldt County for over 25 years, Annalisa was born and raised in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. Her love of the area and California blends knowledge of regional botany, wildlife, and scenic adventures to enjoy.  Her passion is enjoying the outdoors, wellness, and blending the two for living a life full of vitality.  She is an experienced fitness instructor, surf coach, and water safety leader.  With over 20 years of surfing, surf instruction and sea kayak experience and coursework, she knows how to read the many subtleties and indicators of climate, ocean and flatwater conditions.  Annalisa has been certified as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.  She is a Certified Instructor of Foundation Training, a postural and corrective movement practice optimal for paddle sports, injury rehabilitation, pain relief, core strength, balance, and athletic performance.  She is the owner of Anchored in Trinidad, under which she has taught Foundation Training outdoors, and in community and fitness centers for the last four years.  Fitness group exercise instruction has included suspension-strap weight training, cycle circuit, dance and flexibility classes.  She has been certified as an open-water lifeguard through the American Red Cross to serve as a surf coach in Trinidad waters.  Annalisa leads SUP Fitness classes for Kayak Trinidad.