Sharing the experience of ocean paddling with others is our passion. Kayak Trinidad believes the foundation of a life long relationship with the sea begins with skill building. With a decade of professional experience teaching sea kayaking, we can help you achieve your goals of safe and efficient coastal exploration with quality group and private instruction.


INTRO TO KAYAKING – $115/person. Kayak & gear included or bring your own! Whatever your aspirations with kayaking, this is where it all starts. Our three hour Intro to Kayaking course is held on the sheltered waters of Big Lagoon where we will introduce kayakers to fundamental paddle strokes, principles of boat control, and on-water rescues/re-entries. No experience required. All types of paddle kayaks welcome. BOOK NOW or call for reservations.

Intro to Kayaking Spring 2023 Dates: 

May 7th, 3 pm – 6 pm

June 10th, 3 pm-6 pm

June 24th, 3 pm – 6 pm

INTRO TO SEA KAYAKING – $135/person. Kayak & gear included or bring your own! This four hour class in Trinidad Harbor is perfect for those who have completed our intro to kayaking course and are looking to kayak on the ocean. We will refine the skills built in the basic intro class while applying them to the more dynamic water of the ocean, and develop new strokes to help paddlers navigate confidently in rougher conditions. An emphasis will be placed on understanding and avoiding hazards in coastal conditions. BOOK NOW or call for reservations.

Intro to Sea Kayaking Spring 2023 Dates:

May 20th, 10 am – 2 pm

June 17th, 10 am – 2 pm


No matter  where you’re at in your skill development, Kayak Trinidad will customize your lesson curriculum to address your needs. Half day and full day private instruction is available, as well as private rolling lessons. A progression of skills is listed for reference below.

HALF DAY PRIVATE INSTRUCTION – $249/person. $199/person for groups of two or more. Maximum five guests.

FULL DAY PRIVATE INSTRUCTION – $449/person. $299/person for groups of two or more. Maximum five guests.

ONE HOUR PRIVATE ROLLING LESSON – $125/individual or $200 for two people

Reservations are offered daily. Call 1 (707) 329-0085 or email reservations@kayaktrinidad.com to schedule your custom lesson.


  • What to bring, where & when to go
  • Safe launching & landing in flatwater
  • Efficient forward & reverse paddling
  • Turning, pivoting, stopping
  • Moving sideways
  • Edging & directional control
  • Wet Exits & assisted re entries


  • Bracing, sculling, edging
  • Draws, pries, rudders
  • Stroke refinement
  • Rescues & towing
  • Rolling
  • Re enter & roll
  • Paddling in conditions
  • Coastal navigation & tidal planning
  • Weather reading & seamanship


  • Surf zone launching & landing
  • Kayak surfing
  • Rock gardening
  • Advanced safety & rescue